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Massage Establishment Licenses & Solo Practitioner Registration FAQ’s

  1.  If I work from home or do mobile massage do I need an establishment         license?

     No – Your professional license acts as your Establishment License/Registration

2.  If I rent space and work for myself outside of my home, which license do I need?           

    Solo Registration

3.  If I work for a business that offers massage and do not rent a space, who is responsible for the Establishment license?

    The business owner is responsible for having the Establishment license and it is the massage therapist responsibility to make sure they are only working at registered establishments.

4. Do Establishment licenses and Solo Registrations need to be renewed each year?

    Yes – Establishment Licenses are renewed each year for $100.00, Solo Registrations are at no cost unless renewed late which will be a 100.00 late fee. Each licenses expires March 31st.

5.  I own or work at a Salon that is licensed with the Cosmetology Board, does the business or I still need an Establishment License/Solo Registration to offer massage?


6.  I am a business owner who rents rooms to massage therapist, who is responsible for the Establishment license/Registration?

    If you own a business but only rent space to massage therapists, each therapist is responsible for registering as a Solo Practitioner 

7.  Are schools required to have an establishment license?

    Yes - All schools which offer massage therapy services to the public as a part of student training are subject to the same standards that apply to any business providing massage therapy services to the public.

8.  I work under a physician, physical therapist or chiropractor. Do I or the business need an Establishment License or Solo Practitioner Registration?

Please see 3552. Definitions regarding Massage Establishments