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Louisiana Board of Massage Therapy Office
Board Office Information

Office Hours:

The Board office has operating hours and hours open to the public shown below. Hours not open to the public are a necessity to complete all application reviews, required document processing for licensees, and all other administrative functions.  As a reminder, the Board office closes for board meetings, hearings etc. It is highly recommended to call/email the office first to ensure availability. 

Hours Open To The Public:  Monday – Thursday 9:00am to 3:00pm.                                                     

Operating Hours Monday - Friday 8:00am to 4:00pm 


·        All documentation received at the office is processed in the order received. We will gladly accept documents at the office during hours open to the public but it is highly recommended to call the office first to ensure the office is not closed for board meetings, hearings etc.

·        Since documents are processed in the order received, the office cannot process or review anything for accuracy while you wait. It is advised that documents be mailed to the office.

·        Questions can easily be addressed by emailing or by calling the office.

·        Because all documentation requires a post mark, signature upon dropping off, email date/time stamp etc., no documentation is allowed to be placed in the Board office mailbox or left at the front door etc. by hand delivery.

·        The office cannot make copies unless a money order is received in the amount of .25 cents per page.  
Executive Director: Tricia Thibaut
Executive Assistant:  Aubry Leiva
Administrative Specialist: Chandra Wiley