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Renew an Establishment License 

Please Read the Below and Scroll Down to Renew Your License 


Establishments & Solo Practitioner Registrations:

As stated in the law, no massage therapist shall work at an establishment that is not licensed by the Board. Establishment Licenses and Solo Practitioner Registration number(s) are required for renewals and cross matched. It is the therapists responsibility to ensure that you are working at a licensed Establishment or registered as a Solo Practitioner. Therapist who work from their home or offer Mobile Massage are NOT required to register as a Solo Practitioner. Please review the FAQ page under Massage Establishments. (Click Here). Establishment Licenses and Solo Practitioner Registrations are renewed each year and also expire March 31st. Massage establishments shall NOT include working in a physician’s office, physical therapy facility, chiropractic office or higher education sports facility.  Renewals that include unlicensed establishments will be returned.


Processing Time

Renewals can be completed online or by mailing (please click here ) the application to the office for processing. For faster processing it is recommended that licenses are renewed online. All renewals will be processed in the order in which received. Any renewal receive the last week of renewal season may take up to 5 (five) days to process. It is advised that licensees submit their renewal no later than five days prior to March 31st. This will allow ample time for corrections if the application is denied and avoid the 100.00 late fee.

Notifications/Status updates

During the renewal process email notifications will be sent to the email address on file with status updates.

Received: Indicates that your application was received only. This email does not mean your application was approved. Approved: Indicates that your license was successfully renewed and available to print from your dashboard. Denied: Indicates that there were issues with your renewal. It is advised that licensees submit their renewals five days prior to March 31st so ample time will be available to make any correction and avoid the $100.00 late fee. 

It is the responsibility of the licensee to verify each status of the renewal process. If you do not receive the initial email indicating your renewal was “received” first check your junk/spam folder then email to confirm receipt. Any denied renewal submitted that is not corrected by March 31st will require a $100.00 late fee. Please submit your renewal at least 5 days prior to the deadline of March 31st

By agreeing to renew your license online you verify that you have read the above and understand that any incorrect and or incomplete renewal will be returned along with the renewal fee. You also understand that if corrections are not made by March 31st, the 100.00 late fee will apply 

 To renew your Establishment License online, please click here.


The information above is a courtesy to assist with the renewal process but does not replace the responsibility of each licensees to read and understanding all Laws, Rules, Practice Act etc. that govern the profession. You may find the above information in La. R.S. 37:3551,et seq., Chapter 57 and LAC, Title 46, Part XLIV ("Louisiana Law" tab, Practice Act/Rules and Standards on the LBMT website).