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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What kind of complaints does the board receive?

A: The Louisiana Board of Massage Therapy regulates and licenses professional massage therapists. Complaints must be made regarding issues being violated in the board's law, Louisiana Revised Statute 37:3551 et seq and the accompanying rules and regulations. If complaints do not fall within the laws guidelines, there is nothing the board can do to rectify the complaint. Laws regulating Louisiana licensed massage therapists can be found on the board's website. 

Q: What can I do as a consumer or massage therapist if I suspect human trafficking/illicit activity at a massage establishment or illicit massage business (IMB)?

A: The board will act within its jurisdiction of the massage therapy laws but does not have the same authority that local governmental agencies have to enforce criminal laws. For this reason the board works closely with and relies on law enforcement for assistance in regards to businesses suspected of illicit activity/human trafficking. Most illicit massage businesses (IMB) are part of a crime network  which requires intervention from specialized law enforcement teams. If you suspect human trafficking involving illicit activity, report this information to the board by filing a complaint on our website and then report the same to local/state authorities.


State Police Hotline: 800-434-8007      

List of Local Sheriff Offices:


Link to register a complaint with state police:


Find out if your Parish has any local ordinances regarding Massage Establishments and report concerns directly to that office.


Contact your parish fire marshal if you know people are living on the premises illegally.


Louisiana Human Trafficking Task Force Website:


National Human Trafficking Hotline: 1-888-373-7888

For Victims of Human Trafficking Nationwide:

DIAL "211" to be connected with a person and resources needed. Dial anywhere in the U.S.

TEXT: "HELP" to 233733 (Be Free)