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Renew your Professional License

As the law states - All CEU's must be approved. If the class is not registered, it was not approved or registered by the CEU provider and will be denied. Refer to the "Find CE Programs and Providers" on this website for classes that are approved**  Click "SEARCH" for a full list of approved classes. 

If your certificate does not have an "LCEU number" please contact the CEU provider prior to submitting your renewal. (Example LCEU00123). It is the providers responsibility to provide the Louisiana approved course number on each certificate. The course number is different from the provider number (example LAP0123). Certificates that do not have the LCEU number will be returned and payment will be refunded. *The LCEU# is what confirms the course was approved - - CONFIRM YOUR CLASS IS APPROVED/REGISTERED WITH THE BOARD PRIOR TO TAKING OR SUBMITTING YOUR CERTIFICATE OR IT WILL BE RETURNED* Any denied renewal submitted that is not corrected by March 31st will be considered late and will accrue a late fee.

 *to avoid duplicate charges please do not hit the "submit" button multiple times* 

Online Submissions: Certificates of completion are required - NO TRANSCRIPTSPhotographs of certificates may be too large for processing and may not submit correctly. It is recommended that certificates be scanned and uploaded from a computer/tablet (not phone) as the website is not compatible with some IOS systems. If you have more CEUs than you are able to upload to the website, please upload all that you can and send an email to with all of your CEUs attached.  Include your license number and name in the email. DO NOT insert the certificates in the email. Send as attachments only. To avoid duplicate charges do not hit the submit button multiple times.

Renew your Louisiana Massage Therapy License online here .  


 Please Read BEFORE submitting your renewal 

License renewal season is January 1st, to March 31st of each year. Each license expires March 31st each year regardless of when the initial registration was completed.  Licenses can be renewed online or mailed to the LBMT office. With the exception of first-year professional licensees, a minimum of 12 hours of LBMT approved continuing education units must be completed and submitted with the renewal application. Renewals must be received and dated by March 31st (post marked or submitted through this website) Renewals submitted after MARCH 31st or submitted incorrectly will not be considered compliant as specified in LAC, Title 46, Part XLIV, Chapter 37,3703 (C) (2) will be considered late and be charge a late fee. Continuing Education for renewals must be taken 4/1 to 3/31 of the year you are renewing.

Continuing Education (C.E.U’s): It is the Licensees responsibility to only take Louisiana State Approved continuing education as shown on the LABMT website and that certificates submitted have the required approved LCEU# on the certificate. The board is not responsible for CEU’s not registered by the provider nor will the Board office accept any CEU’s that are not approved. Please verify your CE Certificate contains all information as specified in LAC, Title 46, Part XLIV, Chapter 37, 3703 (C) (2) to avoid application denial.

First-Year Professional Licensees: First year applicants are not required to take CEU’s their first year. When renewing, you must attach a document stating "First year of licensure - no CEs required" in the area where CEs are required on the application.  The document may be a document you created

Extensions & Waivers: It is the Board’s stance that based on the law, that NO EXTENSIONS or WAIVERS be given in regards to renewals. Each Licensed Massage Therapist has 3 months to renew their professional license between January 1st and March 31st, this is ample time to renew your license.

Carry over CEU hours: Any CEU’s beyond the required 12 taken, in this renewal cycle (on or after April 1st, 2022) can be carried over for ONE Renewal cycle. For example, if 24 CEU’s were taken and submitted between April 1st, 2022 and March 31st, 2023, 12 of those CEU’s would carry over to the next renewal cycle. It is the therapist’s responsibility to upload the carry over CEU’s upon renewal for both renewals.

Notifications/Status updates: During the renewal process email notifications will be sent that include: Received: Indicates that your application was received only. This email does not mean your application was approved. Approved: Indicates that your license was successfully renewed and available to print from your dashboard. Denied: Indicates that there were issues with your renewal. In most cases this means not all certificates were uploaded or the CEU’s taken were not approved by the board and will need to be retaken. For this reason, it is advised that licensees submit their renewals early.  

Responsibility of each licensee: It is the sole responsibility of the licensee to verify each status of the renewal process and that each CEU is approved by the board office. If you do not receive the initial email indicating your renewal was “received” (within 48 hours) first check your junk/spam folder if still not received then email to confirm receipt. Any denied renewal submitted that is not corrected by March 31st will be considered late and will accrue a late fee.

You may find the above information in La. R.S. 37:3551,et seq., Chapter 57 and LAC, Title 46, Part XLIV ("Louisiana Law" tab, Practice Act/Rules and Standards). Please review all information in the Practice Act and Rules. The information above is a courtesy to assist with the renewal process but does not replace the responsibility of each licensees to read and understanding all Laws, Rules, Practice Act etc. that govern the profession