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 Chapter 27. Inspections - §2701.   Inspections - Licensed and Unlicensed Establishments

A.   The  board  may  make  periodic  inspections  of  all massage  establishments,  including  licensed  and/or unlicensed massage establishments.

B.   Such inspections may include, but need not be limited to, confirmation that the site is being utilized for massage therapy and a determination of whether the establishment is in compliance with the laws and rules governing the establishment's operation, facilities, personnel, safety, and sanitary requirements.

C.   Failure to cooperate with such inspections may lead to disciplinary action.

Fines & Penalty Schedule Here

Notice of Intent to Contest Violation: Notice of Intent to Contest Violation Form 


 Establishment Licenses:

Application: Establishment License Application Form

Renewal: Establishment License Renewal Form


Establishment Registration: 

Application: (one therapist only)  Establishment Registration Application Form

Renewal: (one therapist only) Establishment Registration Renewal Form


Change of Status Forms:

If you are an licensed therapist, you may log in using the "User Login" box to the right to change your address, add or delete a professional location, or print a license. All other forms must be mailed to the office. 

Name Change or Ownership Change: 

Change of Ownership Form

Change of Business Name Form 


Add or Delete Therapist from an Establishment: 

Change of Status for Massage Establishments-Add or Delete a Therapist Form


Address Change for Establishment:

Change of Address Form


Close of Establishment License or Registration Request: 

Request to Close an Establishment License or Registration Form


Other Forms: 

Third Party Authorization Form: Authorized Agent Request Form 

To request a duplicate License or Registration: Duplicate Establishment License or Registration Request