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Active & Inactive Status of Professional License

Inactive status is for persons who find themselves in circumstances that may prevent them from working for a period of time up to five (5) years. In order to qualify for inactive status the license must be current. If you are a licensee in expired status and wish to become inactive, contact the office for assistance. 

To request to be placed on Inactive Status or restored to Active Status download and complete the the appropriate form below and submit to the office for processing/approval.

INACTIVE Status Request Form

ACTIVE Status Request Form


Pursuant to La. R.S. 46, Part XLIV, Chapter 17, § 1701 E, in order to be placed on inactive status, the following provisions are applicable:

  1. This application form and the payment of the Inactive Status Fee of $75.00 must be submitted.

  2. The application request must be filed within six months from the date that the person last had an active license issued by the LBMT. If a license has been expired for more than six months, the therapist will not be eligible to take inactive status unless the license has been first renewed to active status.

  3. The commencement of the period of inactive status shall be retroactive to the date on which the person last had an active license.

  4. A continuous period on inactive status may not exceed five years; after five years the license will become a lapsed license that will not be subject to renewal without complying with all of the provisions of R.S. 37:3556.

  5. While on inactive status, a therapist shall not engage in the practice of massage therapy for compensation.

In order to revert to active status the therapist must submit an Active Status Reinstatement Request Form, payment of a license renewal fee as provided in R.S. 37:3562 and evidence of having completed 24 hours of continuing education units within 2 years from the date the application for reinstatement is filed.