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It is the responsibility of all Therapists, Establishments, Providers, Schools etc. to understand all Rules, Standards, Policies and Laws and to check the website regularly for updates, form changes etc., as well as review any emails or notices sent via USPS from the Board office and respond accordingly if asked to do so (make sure emails are not going to your spam/junk folder). It is the sole responsibility of the licensee that email and address changes are registered with the Board office within 30 days if changed, through your personal web portal page or by submitting the appropriate paperwork to the office for processing.
Parish Ordinances Regarding Establishments
Over the years, many parishes have implemented laws regarding massage establishments dating as far back as the 1990's. The Board is aware that some parishes are updating their ordinances in an effort to stop human trafficking and illicit activity. The Board does not have control over the passing of these ordinances. Please note that any ordinance does not supersede the regulations and requirements of LBMT laws. It is the business owner’s responsibility to check with parish municipalities regarding these regulations to ensure compliance. 
The easiest way to find out if your parish has an ordinance regarding massage establishments is to Google the following: "Massage Establishment ordinance in (enter your parish)". If there are any ordinances in your parish in relation to massage establishments, the ordinance will provide the department in your parish to contact.  

Renewal Forms 2023:

Renewal season begins January 1st and ends March 31st. Moving forward no paper applications will be mailed. We encourage all licensees to renewal their licenses online for faster processing.

For those who wish to use paper applications they can be downloaded from the website ( If you would like the office to send a paper application(s) please email the office with your name and complete address and we will gladly mail one to you.


Please remember to review all of the rules, regulations and occupational standards in regards to renewals on our website to ensure that your renewal is correct and will not be returned. A post card reminder will be sent at a later date. 
*The above information will also be sent to all licensees via email on 12/6/2022* 


The Massage Therapy Board office will be relocating DECEMBER 1ST 2022.
Post cards will be sent Monday November 21st to the address listed on file for each licensee as well as an email to the email address listed on file. 


Office Relocation: 9/22/2022

Fines and Penalty Schedule: 9/9/2022

At the September 9th, 2022 Board meeting, the Board voted to change the Fines and Penalty schedule increasing fines for Administrative Office Audits as well as violations for Rules and Statues. To read the full notice please click HERE
Other Archived Notices
Archived Notices:
COVID-19 notification for review: Click Here

2021 - "Legislative bills filed to amend Louisiana Massage Therapists and Establishments Act"

House Bill 792 introduced at the recently concluded legislative session sought several major revisions to the "Louisiana Massage Therapists and Massage Establishment Act".  The proposed legislation was revised extensively before a final version was passed.  A copy of the final version (Act No. 645) is attached below and may be found at:

The board monitored the situation and had representatives present at both the House and Senate Committee hearings to answer questions and provide information relative to the proposed legislation. Based upon the discussions that took place at the committee hearings, it was apparent that a number of therapists and massage related associations took enough interest in the pending legislation to contact their elected representatives to voice a position on the bill and the representatives responded accordingly.  The board appreciates that its licensees are active in matters that impact the massage therapy profession.


Letters mailed in reference to the law changes and compliance with the law:


Expiration Date for Licenses

Establishment License / Establishment Registration

Massage Therapy School Attendance

Provider CE Certificate Letter

Establishment License /Registration - 2016 Reminder