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A complete listing of Louisiana Laws and Statutes can be found here .

The Rules may also be found on the Office of State Register Division of Administration website 


 Letters mailed in reference to the law changes and compliance with the law:


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Establishment License /Registration - 2016 Reminder

School Inspection Letter 11.19.2020


"Legislative bills filed to amend Louisiana Massage Therapists and Establishments Act"

House Bill 792 introduced at the recently concluded legislative session sought several major revisions to the "Louisiana Massage Therapists and Massage Establishment Act".  The proposed legislation was revised extensively before a final version was passed.  A copy of the final version (Act No. 645) is attached below and may be found at:

The board monitored the situation and had representatives present at both the House and Senate Committee hearings to answer questions and provide information relative to the proposed legislation. Based upon the discussions that took place at the committee hearings, it was apparent that a number of therapists and massage related associations took enough interest in the pending legislation to contact their elected representatives to voice a position on the bill and the representatives responded accordingly.  The board appreciates that its licensees are active in matters that impact the massage therapy profession.

Act No. 645