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Continuing Education Questions

Q: How many continuing education units (CEU's) must I have to renew my license?

A: Twelve (12) hours of CEU's are required each year to renew your professional license.


Q: What continuing education units (CEU’s) can I take for credit toward my professional licensure renewal?

A: The board approves continuing education unit providers and programs. (LA RS 37:3555(B)(2)) These lists are posted on the board’s website and updated on a regular basis. If you do not see a course you wish to take on the continuing education unit program list, then the program is NOT approved by the board and will NOT count toward your 12 hours of continuing education units (CEU’s) for the next years license renewal.


Q: Can I use continuing education units (CEU’s) from two years ago?

A: No. Continuing education units (CEU’s) may only carry over for the following year. Example:  The CEU’s you earn in 2010 will be used to renew your professional license for the year of 2011.  You may NOT use CEU’s from 2009 for your professional license in 2011.


Q: What if I take a continuing education unit (CEU) course with 48 hours in one year? Will those 48 hours suffice for the next four years toward the requirements for my professional licensure?

A: No. If you take a continuing education unit (CEU) course in 2010 for 48 hours of credit, it will ONLY count toward your 12 required hours of CEU’s for the professional license issued in 2011.  The 48 hours will NOT be carried to the year 2014.


Q: What if there is a continuing education unit program I wish to take and it is not on the continuing education unit program list?

A: It is the responsibility of the presenter or provider of the continuing education unit program to contact the board and complete the appropriate applications for board approval as a continuing education unit provider and program provider. Suggest to the person teaching the course you wish to take to go the board’s website and complete a provider and program provider application for review by the board.


Q: I see that the person or company teaching or sponsoring a continuing education unit course is on the provider list but does not have a program listed on the continuing education unit program list. Why?

A: Continuing education unit providers and programs have two separate applications.  A provider may have board approval to be a provider but may not have submitted a program for approval. The provider may submit a program that does not fit the scope of practice or the definition of massage therapy as defined by Louisiana law and may have a program declined by the board. Always make sure that your approved continuing education unit provider has an approved program before you take their continuing education unit course.


Q: Can I take my continuing education unit requirements in a state other than Louisiana?

A: Yes.  If the continuing education unit program is on the approved list of the board’s website and is held outside of the state of Louisiana, you may take and receive credit for the continuing education unit course.