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Requirements to Become A Louisiana LMT

In order to become licensed in Louisiana, you must meet the educational qualifications below,  pass one of the board approved national examinations (MBLEx, NCBTMB, NCCAOM) and you must apply for and pass the Louisiana Board of Massage Therapy Oral Examination. The Louisiana Oral Examination Application can be found under "Massage Therapists" on this site.  


Qualifications for Licensure in the State of Louisiana

In order to be eligible to take the Board oral examination in the State of Louisiana, you must have 2 of the following:

1. Have satisfactorily completed massage therapy studies in a minimum 500- hour supervised course of instruction. The course of instruction may be provided by a proprietary massage therapy school licensed by the State Department of Education. The minimum 500 hours shall consist of 325 hours dedicated to the study of basic massage therapy techniques and clinical practicum- related modalities, 125 hours dedicated to the study of anatomy and physiology, and an additional 50 hours of discretionary -related course work, including, but not limited to, hydrotherapy, business practices, and professional ethics, health and hygiene, and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and first aid.

2. Proof of having passed the National examination for massage therapy


3. A copy of a current license in another state, territory, commonwealth, or the District of Columbia, which has and maintains standards and requirements of practice and licensure or registration which conform to the requirements in force in this state, and an official transcript from the school which you attended, and proof of having passed the National examination for massage therapy.

Applicants from out-of -state schools are asked to furnish a school catalog along with their official transcript if applying for the state oral examination.