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The 2021 law changes have been updated.  To view the updated Louisiana Revised Statues 37:3551, et seq. "click" on the "Louisiana Law" tab on the home page and select "Practice Act" or you can click here , to view it on the Legislative website.  

The Louisiana Board of Massage Therapy is a regulatory agency whose members are appointed by the Office of the Governor with a mission to protect the health, safety and welfare of the public as well as the integrity of the profession by regulating the practice of massage therapy.  The Board seeks to insure that massage therapists meet certain educational levels, comply with ethical and legal standards applicable to the profession, and that massage therapy establishments conform to sanitary and record keeping requirements.  The Board issues and renews licenses, collects fees, receives and investigates complaints, performs inspections, conducts hearings on disciplinary matters and otherwise addresses issues that are relevant to the massage industry.  The website is to assist the general public, licensees and applicants in understanding the laws, regulations and licensing process which govern the massage profession in the state of Louisiana.


The LBMT staff will be available to assist you as this COVID-19 pandemic allows.  Please address any questions to 

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Note:  Change in Fines Effective October 16, 2020

The Louisiana Board of Massage Therapy ("Board") recently adopted a revised fine and penalty schedule to allow for a reduced fine of $50 for the initial violation of the following provisions.

LA R.S. 37, §3559. License regulations

B. Name or location changes to any license shall be submitted to the board within thirty days of the change with appropriate fees.

Title 46, Chapter 29. Notification to Board of Change of Status

§2901. Name, Ownership and/or Location Changes

A. All name, location and/or ownership changes of licensure must be reported in writing to the board within 30 days of occurrence using a form provided by the board.

This lesser fine would be for initial violations discovered by the board staff during in-office activity as opposed to off-site inspections.  Examples would include failure to timely report to the board office any of the following:

  • Name Change for Massage Therapist
  • Address change for Massage Therapist and Establishments
  • Add or Delete a Professional Location - Work location for Massage Therapist
  • Add or Delete a Massage Therapist for Establishments
  • Request to close account for Establishments

 LBMT takes its role of public protection seriously; but, can only act within its authority as a regulatory board.  If you feel an establishment or a therapist is violating the LMT Practice Act you may file a complaint on our website or with the local authorities.  We as a board will not file a complaint with the local law enforcement; but, encourage you to do so if you desire criminal prosecution.